Thursday, November 22, 2012

Medical Center 10K Classic

On October 13, I ran my first 10K!  My friend, Grace Tuju, and I ran together. This photo is us before the race. It was a crazy time because the whole week before I had been hurt with plantar fasciitis and unable to run.  After purchasing some Brooks running shoes, I was able to run the 10K in 1:03:36 (or something like that), and felt pretty good after. I really felt terrible just a couple days before so I felt like God really blessed me by allowing me to run after training for it over a couple of months before.

 Me and Lewis after my race and before his Children's Classic race.

 This is Lewis "stretching" with the other kids before the race.

Lewis found some friends from his class at school before the race.

This is Grace and me after the race.  It was a great day for me because I wasn't running at all a year before and wouldn't have ever thought I could do this kind of thing.  Grace had organized a running group this fall and we have enjoyed running together so it was nice to have a friend to run with!! Very grateful!!

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